​Combined Cycle power plant saved $1MM by preventing a generator shortage and avoided a 8 week outage with Bently Nevada 3500 and System 1 software

With the complexity of a modern combined-cycle power plant, unplanned downtime is exceedingly costly, whether from lost revenues, O&M costs, contractual penalties, or regulatory fines. As such, your mechanical assets need to run at—or even beyond—original design capacity, reliably and predictably.

Our asset management solutions can help you meet many of your most critical challenges, such as:

- Extending the time between planned outages

- Reducing the duration of planned outages

- Maximizing an asset’s useful life while optimizing its maintenance and operating costs

- Minimizing unplanned outages and downtime

- Reducing fuel costs

- Protecting critical machinery against catastrophic mechanical failures

- Reducing unnecessary maintenance

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