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Both your equipment and the automotive parts you design and manufacture are put to the test each and every day. Whether working with new materials or testing assemblies in more scrutinizing environments, there's just no room for error or downtime. Fortunately, our experts are up to the challenge.

We've designed innovative technologies to precisely inspect energy-efficient materials and reliably test pressure levels under even the harshest conditions, enabling you to introduce new products faster with confidence.

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Non-destructive Testing & Inspection

Waygate Technologies

Our world-class non-destructive testing solutions enable you to fully inspect and ensure component quality to make the safest vehicles.  From castings over weld and bond seam inspection to general electronics, sensors and batteries scanning - Waygate Technologies offers industry leading solutions to meet even the toughest requirements of the Automotive industry.

Pressure Sensing and Calibration


Pressure calibration and measurement solutions boost your operational productivity and provide reliable data to inform faster, smarter decisions.  Built for accuracy and precision, Druck pressure sensors are one of the leading technologies in the world of industrial testing for automotive applications.

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