A smarter, more efficient production line

With demands growing and changing at a constant pace, automation on the automotive production line has become a necessity. But, with 24/7 operation of your complex systems comes added quality and safety risks. With the help of our experts and innovative solutions, that doesn't have to be case.

We believe you shouldn't have to compromise reliability for top performance. We're here to help you leverage the power of data to transform your production line with scalable condition monitoring packages, while inspecting every part at multiple checkpoints with speed and ease.

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Condition Monitoring

Bently Nevada

Bently Nevada machine health monitoring seamlessly combines hardware and software to give your teams the real-time information they need to maximize uptime.

Non-destructive Testing & Inspection

Waygate Technologies

Our world-class non-destructive testing solutions enable you to fully inspect and ensure component quality to make the safest vehicles.

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A pioneer in condition monitoring and asset protection.

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