High-Speed Gantry-Based Helical CT Scanning Solutions
Increase productivity while obtaining the highest standards of quality and safety with the Phoenix Speed|scan CT 64 from Waygate Technologies
Phoenix Speed|scan CT 64 gantry based helix CT scanner

High-Speed helix CT Scanner

Phoenix Speed|scan CT64

Automotive manufacturers must consistently produce high-quality parts and products while operating at maximum productivity. High resolution, high speed, full 3D inspection for castings and batteries via in-line automation is required to ensure both safety and profitability. This goal is now attainable thanks to the Phoenix Speed|scan CT64, a gantry-based, inline industrial CT scanner.

Built on innovative Waygate Technologies, formerly GE Inspection Technologies, gantry-based CT technology proven for over four decades, our Speed|scan CT64 provides revolutionary high-speed industrial process and production control. Combining unprecedented speed with high-quality inspection, Speed|scan CT64 is 4x faster than initial generations and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan-beam CT systems. Optionally equipped with a robot, the Speed|scan CT64 system offers unique process optimization and quality assurance possibilities for up to 100% fully automated inline CT scanning.

Ensuring safety and protecting manufacturing profits with revolutionary quality inspection:

  • High-speed
  • Full 3D evaluation: failures and geometries
  • Inline, fully automated

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

Phoenix Speed|scan CT64 - Key Features

Phoenix Speed|scan CT64 Videos

Waygate Technologies | AutoCT Radiography Inspection with CT

See how you can consistently produce top-quality parts on your high-speed production line with automated non-destructive testing systems from Waygate Technologies. The Phoenix Speed|scan CT 64 high speed, full 3D inspection CT scanner can be integrated in-line with your production line, helping you ensure both safety and profitability. Now 4X faster than initial generations and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan-beam CT.

Waygate Technologies | Premium CT

Discover even the most minute defects for total confidence in your product quality, without slowing processes down. Innovative PremiumCT systems from Waygate Technologies feature proprietary CT technologies for 3D metrology and analysis. Giving you the highest image quality at faster speeds than ever before possible.


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