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Pangyo CSC

Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business offers world-class industrial 3D CT technology that finds hidden defects with accuracy without taking the product apart. With unprecedented speed and precision, Waygate Technologies' industrial CT systems are revolutionizing inspection of electronics, batteries, automotive, aerospace, aviation and 3D printing. Every industrial CT user wants reproducible 3D product information, as fast and as accurately as possible. Waygate Technologies's proprietary Scatter|correct, Dynamic 41 digital detector and High-flux|target technology reduces scan time without compromising the image quality. 

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Experience the latest X-Ray CT inspection technology 

Pangyo Customer Solutions Center houses a Phoenix V|tome|x C450 CT system for casting inspection as well as the Phoenix V|tome|x M300, the first industrial x-ray CT to offer both the 300kV microfocus and 180kV nanofocus tube on one machine. With the innovative artifact-reducing Scatter|correct technology and the next-generation digital detector, it offers unprecedented speed and unmistakable precision. It even offers a 3D metrology option for non-destructive coordinate measurement and nominal and actual comparisons that meet VDI German industry standards. 

In-house Inspection Services for customers without a CT system

Waygate Technologies service solutions are designed to keep pace with growing demands and complexities in the manufacturing industry. From 3D analysis, defect detection and 3D metrology to reverse engineering, we service various customers in electronics, automotive, batteries and 3D printing. 

NDT consulting and training sessions led by Waygate Technologies experts  

There are currently five Waygate Technologies CT experts at the Pangyo Customer Solutions Center, and you can receive NDT training and consulting on system operation, radiography and CT fundamentals, advanced techniques for image quality and protocol improvement developed for high productivity and output gains.

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State-of-art technology available for inspection of batteries, electronics, automotive and 3D printing parts
Inspection Services
Get the most reliable inspection for your product, with Waygate Technologies' in-house 3D CT inspection services
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