Hydropower industry

Recently, the hydropower industry has been seeing a combination of improved focus and new operational challenges. For many companies, hydropower assets are a key part of their strategy to meet renewable energy quotas. This means that investments have returned for plant modernization, efficiency improvement, and the availability of remote operation.

At the same time, with more solar and wind installations bringing intermittent power into the grid, hydro plants are required (and rewarded) to compensate peaks, starting up multiple times a day and running especially at night. This poses significant operational and maintenance challenges.

At Baker Hughes, we believe that improved control automation and condition monitoring can help Hydropower operators meet their challenges, thanks to integrated systems and easy to use software. See more details about our specific Hydropower solutions below.

Successful Solutions

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Mangla Governor Hall

Upgrades to two Governor Control Systems at Mangla Hydro-Electric Power Station, Pakistan

Protecting, maintaining, upgrading hydropower plants through control automation and condition monitoring

Maintain Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems

In today’s environment, plant availability and start-up reliability are key to your success. Because many legacy mechanical systems are robust and remain a critical system for your operation, availability of genuine spare parts and qualified field service engineering are growing concerns for many plant managers and maintenance supervisors. This is especially true when individual components can become single points of failure for the entire unit. 

As the sole legal owner of The Woodward Governor Company’s hydro IP as well as all hydro related original drawings, Nexus Controls is uniquely positioned to support hydropower customers. We have a strong portfolio of certified spare parts, upgrade kits and field service to protect, maintain and improve the reliability of your critical mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

Manage Diverse Systems across your Fleet

Over time, upgrades and replacements from different manufacturers at each powerhouse has likely created a complex mix of interfaces and spare parts. In order to operate reliably and efficiently, it’s paramount to have systems that aggregate and simplify equipment management so that your operators can focus on optimization.

Nexus Controls and Bently Nevada systems have the versatility and connectivity to help you create a single integrated control and monitoring ecosystem capable of seamlessly interfacing with legacy and new equipment. These solutions provide advanced analytics capabilities while optimizing your spare parts inventory. Bently Nevada’s System 1† software and Nexus Controls’ Nexus OnCore† Control System are two potential improvements that can deliver advanced management capability

Automation and Remote Operation

As grids transition away from fossil fuels, improved operating flexibility and analytics will empower your team to take full advantage of the opportunities. Daily demand curves will require additional automation to more accurately and intelligently control plant performance and maintenance requirements. This becomes even more important as power houses shift to partial or full unmanned operation.

Nexus Controls and Bently Nevada are the right partners to identify the best solutions for each plant, bringing cyber secure systems and significant experience spanning over a century across the energy industry to bear on your automation and remote operation needs.

Tools for Condition-Based Maintenance

Hydroelectric units built in the previous century typically included rudimentary or no condition monitoring. As these machines approach end of design life and/or undergo refurbishment, more insight into component wear, fatigue, and erosion is needed, especially as they are subjected to unanticipated design changes and operating requirements.  Microprocessor and new sensor technologies have resulted in machinery protection and condition monitoring systems that reliably detect problems early, automatically, and with pinpoint accuracy. Because investments in these systems for ageing and refurbished hydro units have paid back quickly in both anticipated and unexpected ways, they’re as necessary today as they’ve traditionally been for other types of generating assets.

Bently Nevada serves our large and growing hydro installed base with a worldwide, experienced field services organization, capable of turnkey installations and local or remote machinery diagnostics support. Explore the links below to learn more, and contact your Bently Nevada sales representative for a copy of our comprehensive Hydro Condition Monitoring Applications Guide.