Formyst: Additive manufacturing as a service

To reach your operation’s full potential and solve the complex, traditional solutions just won’t cut it. Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a production method that leverages industrial technologies and advanced design software to create custom parts or replicate objects using either polymers, ceramics, or metals. With a platform of digital solutions that integrate this technology into modern day processes — design constraints, unforeseen downtime and standard operation costs become a thing of the past.


Original part next to additive manufactured part

Need a spare part with no time to spare?

Setbacks are inevitable, but how you handle them can make the difference between unaffordable downtime and up to speed in no time. When you need a part that’s been discontinued, for instance, Formyst emergency services can scan and reverse-engineer the component and replace it. Through our broad portfolio of advanced inspection technologies, such as the High Energy CT scanner, we have the full-scale capability to scan and understand every aspect of any part — whether it’s broken, large-scale, or even custom. With emergency service’s rapid creation and delivery of AM-enabled replacement parts, you can acquire custom-built solutions in a fraction of the time it would take for an OEM to remanufacture them, all while avoiding the major expenses and long lead times it would take to do so. 


3d model showing the iterative process of generative design

Looking for a unique solution?

Rather than being boxed in by traditional approaches, additive generative design by Formyst allows you to build parts that were never before conceivable — leveraging insights from thousands of other parts, processes and regulatory standards — we'll help you find the most optimal solution for the toughest challenges. Those being inconceivably complex parts, custom-designed to accelerate operational success, optimize durability and protect against degradation. Backed by the legacy of Baker Hughes and years of expertise with data analysis, once you’ve connected to the power of additive manufacturing and the advanced capabilities of generative design, you can ditch the constraints and watch your ideas materialize.


3d printed inventory

Interested in having inventory on hand without all the overhead?

The absence of a critical part when time is even more critical will no doubt bring your bottom line to top of mind. Yet keeping every conceivable part on-hand can prove just as costly when you never know what’s going to be needed when. Digital inventory optimization pairs additive manufacturing with cloud connectivity, so you can digitally access your entire inventory system, and expedite the exact part you need at the touch of a button. Streamline your supply chain processes without the unnecessary overhead, and close the gap on lengthy lead times and unforeseen downtime.


Experience with expertise:
Our decades of expertise are made possible by our strict quality inspection process. That means intricate parts can be replicated with ease.
Accessibility, anywhere:
With seven international additive centers, you can get access to fast solutions and qualification services from anywhere in the world.
Access to every solution:
Our broad footprint in advanced services and solutions across every industry gives you endless possibilities at every step of your process.

At Baker Hughes, we know additive manufacturing because we use additive manufacturing so we created Formyst. As the world’s digital leader for delivering high-quality, cutting-edge solutions across every industry and sector, we combine our additive manufacturing expertise with relentless innovation. High Energy CT, for instance, can scan high-density metal alloys used for additive components with 20x more powerful penetration energy. With that kind of power on hand, you have unlimited access to endless possibilities. We invite you to explore where our AM solutions might be right for your business or application.

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