Digital Detector Arrays

Digital Detector Arrays for all of your NDT Inspections

DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors



The DXR250 provides a large active area, enabling easy film replacement. The DXR250 utilizes a CsI scintillator with optimized noise and resolution parameters to provide premium imaging over a wide range of parts and material types.

The DXR 250C-W portable detector combines Waygate’s unrivaled wealth of experience and expertise in medical and industrial radiography. This new digital detector is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial radiographic inspections.

Optimized for industrial use, the DXR250RT provides very quick image acquisition while maintaining its full resolving capabilities. Utilizing Endurance™ scintillator technology, the DXR250RT is able to provide the premium image quality of a CsI detector without the typical image lag limitations of CsI.

Designed for industrial use, the DXR500L provides the highest image quality in a rugged production environment. The DXR500L allows for easy detection of subtle indications

DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors

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