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Pressure controller and barometric Indicators

Druck, a Baker Hughes business, offers highly-rated PACE pressure controllers and indicators that measure, test and calibrate pressure. The PACE 1000 series run applications from airfields to automotive to atmospheric pressure sensing and monitoring, while the PACE 5000/6000 modular sensor delivers speed, precision and control.

PACE 1000. This high-precision indicator and performance pressure indicator is available in either bench-top or panel-mounted layout for testing, monitoring and calibration. Available with up to 3 unique pressure ranges per instrument.

PACE 1001B. This high-precision barometric indicator and recorder is designed for pressure sensing and monitoring in laboratories, on airfields and for applications in which atmospheric pressure must be measured with exceptional accuracy.

PACE 5000/6000. This modular pressure control sensor delivers high speed, high precision and cost-effective control, with output options that support industrial pressure production, testing and calibration applications for either the single-channel PACE 5000 or the dual-channel PACE 6000.

[ NEW ] PACE CM3 -  Control module, powered by TERPS® Technology

Our pressure control system combines the fastest pressure controllers with the most accurate control module - CM3. Due to the implementation of Druck established TERPS® (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) technology at its core, our PACE CM3 delivers unprecedented metrological characteristics and resultant levels of performance for our controllers.

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[WEBINAR]  Where speed & accuracy combine | Meet Druck's automated calibration system

Don’t miss the chance to learn about the new high accuracy PACE CM3 control module within Druck’s PACE pressure controllers from the people that know it best.

We will show real examples of how 4Sight2 calibration software, when integrated with our PACE pressure controllers or temperature calibrators, can automate and improve your calibration process.

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