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It’s all about PACE Modular Pressure Controllers

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It’s all about Druck's PACE: The venture into the semiconductor sector in East Asia

Customer Type: Electronics manufacturing and semiconductor companies

Industry: Semiconductor industry

Application: Accurate and stable pressure measurement equipment

Solution: Druck's PACE Modular Pressure Controllers

The semiconductor industry continues to experience significant growth. The boom in the sector creates new and exciting business opportunities for Druck. Particularly in the world's biggest market for semiconductors, accounting for 60% of global sales, Asia-Pacific.


Customers’ challenge

Semiconductors are important to the world because they are the heart of all modern electronics systems, from smartphones to automotive electronics. But as the global population increasingly relies on digital technology, semiconductor manufacturers are constantly looking to make notable technological improvements in production facilities to boost productivity and achieve significant cost savings by implementing streamlined, automated processes in daily operations. This is especially important in view of the constantly increasing demand. To align with the ever-changing technological landscape and market development – and stay ahead of competition.

Throughout all aspects of semiconductor manufacturing, constant and accurate pressure management, testing and inspection is necessary to quickly take action if problems occur and to ensure the quality of the final product. Needless to say, companies need high-quality and dependable technology to keep processes running smoothly.

Druck's solutions

Druck has already partnered with several leading industrial companies in the semiconductor sector to deliver technology with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. As required.

Druck has supplied a number of PACE units, as well as pressure indicators, to two separate factories in the Northern part of Japan, for a pneumatic control engineering company. For a Japanese electronic equipment manufacturer, Druck has delivered  PACE pressure controllers. For a Japanese building equipment contractor, we have provided PACE units for a semi-conductor facility in the Southern part of Japan. And for a Taiwanese electrical company, we implemented PACE technology to test the integrity of a new COVID testing machine in the company’s facility in China.

Druck's pressure sensors are also the preferred choice of many automotive OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) for their automotive testing applications, whether on a test cell, engine test or other comparable applications. For a Japanese multinational automotive systems manufacturer, we delivered a number of PACE units. And for a leading manufacturer in the semi-conductor sector – and specializing in the production of on-board pressure sensors for Mitsubishi Electric automobiles – we received a multiple-unit order for PACE units.

Druck’s added value

The implementation of PACE technology to the operation of companies in the semiconductor sector, means they are able to eliminate manual calibration and deliver savings significantly improving the efficiency of the production line.

Across all partnerships, the customers recognized the benefits of the advanced levels of accuracy, speed, and reliability that PACE technology provides. To reduce the likelihood of costly setbacks due to process malfunctions.

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