Technical notes from the Druck Pressure Sensing specialists

Our team of engineers are consistently seeking for the biggest Pressure Measurement challenges in different applications we get amazed every day here at Druck.

In order to share this industry knowledge, we've been asking for them to translate in a few words, and sometimes diagrams and images, which are Druck's biggest pressure challenges, so that you can read and evolve together with us.

Download the current Technical Notes below to learn more about: 

  • New: Thermal Hysteresis
  • Effects of soak back on pressure measurement
  • Pulse Power Excitation
  • Pressure Sensor considerations in freezing environments
  • What is Torque Sensitivity, why and when it's important
  • Absolute reference integrity
  • Sensor selection considerations in positive and negative pressure and temperature cycling applications

Bonus! Technical tip: Why doesn't my pressure transmitter read full scale?

Stay close as we'll add new notes here. You can also be notified of new Technical notes in Druck's LinkedIn page: Click here to follow.

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Pressure Sensor considerations
in freezing environment
Torque Sensitivity
What is is, why and when it's important?
Vacuum reference integrity
Why doesn't my pressure transmitter read full scale?
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