Achieve superior computed radiography image quality and exposure

Phosphor Imaging Plates

Exclusively designed for industrial use, the IPS, IPC2 and IPU2 imaging plates by Waygate Technologies deliver superior image quality, exposure speed, and a longer lifetime. Combining a wide dynamic range with exposure latitude, our image plates facilitate a substantial reduction of asset downtime and a higher throughput. By applying the latest nanotechnology, Waygate Technologies has revolutionized the market with its newest imaging plate. The IPU2 increases the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by up to 45% at equal dose sensitivity and ISO speed while maintaining the highest sharpness.

In combination with our computed radiography (CR) scanners, the imaging plates received BAM certification and are trusted by the quality control regulators of leading global organizations in the aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, automotive, and military sectors. They are fine-tuned for optimal performance in harsh industrial environments and meet highest applicable ASTM, ISO, and EN standard classes.

phosphor image

Product Features

Image Quality

The composition of the imaging plate storage phosphor material ensures optimum performance. The material has high absorption efficiency, excellent homogeneity, and a short response time to ensure high sharpness and contrast.

Fewer Retakes

In most cases, imaging plates allow the visualization of all diagnostic information with only one exposure.

Dose Reduction

A high tolerance for varying exposure conditions allows for greater freedom in the selection of the exposure dose.

Long lifetime

Our imaging plates are protected by an EBC (electron-beam-cured) topcoat. This results in plates with superb protection from mechanical wear and excellent chemical resistance.


All plates come in more than 40 standard sizes but can also be customized to you specific needs.

Imaging Plates Grafik

Answering stringent industry needs and anticipating the latest industry standards and regulations, Waygate Technologies has developed the ideal imaging plate for every use case.

SNR – signal-to-noise ratio
SNRn – normalized signal-to-noise ratio
SRb – basic spatial resolution

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The ideal imaging plate for every use case

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