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DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors

Based on Waygate Technologies’ proven expertise in Industrial Radiography and supported by various customer success stories across different segments, the development of our most recent wireless digital X-ray detectors is a logical progression to our product portfolio.

The DXR75P-HR gives you the high, 75-micron pixel resolution required to distinguish fine details for critical applications while supporting ISO 17636-2 class B for weld inspection, offering precision imaging that meets the most stringent standards to ensure both quality and safety.

Rugged inside and out, DXR140P-HC detectors offer the high quality and fine details inspection tasks require, with all the portability field inspectors need.

The DXR250 provides a large active area, enabling easy film replacement utilizing a CsI scintillator with optimized noise and resolution parameters to provide premium imaging over a wide range of parts and material types. Our DXR250U-W & DXR 250C-W portable detectors combine Waygate’s unrivaled wealth of experience and expertise in medical and industrial radiography. Utilizing Endurance™ scintillator technology, the DXR250RT is able to provide the premium image quality of a CsI detector without the typical image lag limitations of CsI - in real-time to ensure optimum productivity.

Designed for industrial use, the DXR500L provides the highest image quality in a rugged production environment while allowing for easy detection of subtle indications.

With the DXR 100S-41M and DXR 200S-41M solutions, we are offering our industry-proven, Dynamic 41 detector technology as a standalone package for retrofits of existing X-ray facilities – from film to Digital Detector Array and image-intensifier based systems. The detectors combine increased sensitivity with higher, consistent image quality, a larger imaging area, faster frame rates, adaptive imaging modes, and a longer lifespan.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety, and productivity.

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