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Focusing on NDT Industrial CT and X-Ray Inspection

Limonest vtomex m

The Customer Solutions Center (CSC) in Limonest / Lyon offers customers a large range of professional Non-Destructive Testing services.

Particularly, X-ray solutions cover a very large field of technics: 2D X-ray inspection systems, 3D Computed Tomography for Failure Analysis and Metrology, Computed Radiography (CR), Trainings and Expert Technical Support.

Application fields are automated 2D X-ray inspection with the phoenix nanome|x especially for sensors, PCBs, solderjoints inspections (with optional CT and Laminography). For CT with high resolution there is the phoenix v|tome|x m. It’s a very versatile CT system including 2 X-rays tubes (180 kV nano-focus and 300 kV micro-focus) and a large flat panel detector with 100microns pixelsize, able to inspect a large range of materials (plastic, aluminum, composites, additive manufacturing, alloys, multi-materials…) and thicknesses. This system is also calibrated for metrology measurement according to VDI 2630 standard. For larger parts, we offer the system Seifert x|cube equipped with a 320kV mini-focus tube and large flat panel detector with 200microns pixelsize. This system is mainly dedicated for 2D inspection with a high-end C-arm to facilitate part control. Possibility for CT as well.

We offer x-ray 2D/CT inspection and metrology to all industrial sectors such as Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Composites, Plastics, New Materials, Additive Manufacturing…from R&D labs to Production floors.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.


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