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At Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business, we partner with our industrial customers to securely optimize their industrial operations, increase visibility, minimize downtime and improve safety.

Drawing on 150 years of accumulated domain knowledge, we deliver comprehensive, scalable solutions with superior controls hardware, software and services.

We invite you to consider the Nexus Controls solutions:

  • Control Systems and Upgrades
  • Safety and Protection Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Control System Migrations
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Global Services 

Upgrade and secure your operation with Nexus Controls

Nexus OnCore Control System

Designed around the plant operator, the Nexus OnCore Control System enhances the speed and accuracy of decision-making when a plant is not operating under normal conditions. Nexus OnCore Control System offers a unified software environment with the ability to quickly and precisely make online changes to the application system logic that controls the plant’s operations. This capability optimizes the amount of time necessary to correct the situation without having to rely on the manufacturer.

For customers with legacy control systems that need more analytic capabilities, redundancy in controls, and a long-term supported platform, Nexus OnCore Control System provides a redundant architecture, an easy-to-use interface and simplified trending capabilities.

Nexus OnCore Control System is also ideal for operations with disparate control systems that require a single unified interface to troubleshoot, maintain and provide visibility into an asset’s performance.

Nexus OnCore Safety System

The Nexus OnCore† Safety System is a programmable electronic safety-related system defined by IEC 61508 (2010), having a system capability of SC 3 and safety integration level of SIL 3 by 2oo3 architectural design. It can be applied to those applications which requires no higher than SIL 3 under low demand operation mode.

Industrial Control Systems

The Nexus Controls team is passionate about the strength of our Unit and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Obsolete system upgrades increase uptime and offer insight into our advanced, dependable controls. 

Control System Migrations

We specialize in making Control System Migrations simple and painless. Extend the life of your industrial operation by upgrading today. 


SecurityST® is a flexible and configurable cyber-security hardware solution specifically designed to protect turbine, plant and generator controls environments. SecurityST offers proactive protection policies and centralized reporting capabilities needed to reduce your threat surface, manage cyber risk and comply with global security standards.

Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) is a security program that delivers validated patches for operating systems and applications. CAP provides anti-virus/intrusion detection signatures to ensure HMIs, servers, switches and network intrusion detection devices are protected from cyber vulnerabilities.

Global Services

Global Services from Nexus Controls puts you in control by connecting you to the right expert at the right time to meet your needs. We know that you face challenges with aging equipment and other issues. We know that you need timely execution, intuitive solutions and long-term peace of mind. Our services team shares your risk and provides value-added outcomes.

The industrial control system (ICS) is the digital center of plant operations, responsible for keeping the facility running safely and efficiently. These assets must be maintained and updated on a regular basis to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

Whether you need 24/7 Technical Support, Live Remote Diagnostics, At-Site Field Engineering, parts management, cybersecurity support, or world-class training -- we partner with you to securely optimize operations, minimize downtime, and improve safety through our customized service agreements.

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