Condition Monitoring for Oil & Gas

Industry challenges 

Bently Nevada understands that operators and reliability experts in Oil and Gas face many challenges like ensuring safe operations, improved process efficiencies, and reduced emissions just to name a few.

From machinery protection and condition monitoring to specialized sensor applications, we provide our Oil & Gas customers with innovative technologies. Our upstream, midstream, and downstream solutions are developed to constantly improve productivity and efficiency while meeting the most comprehensive industry specifications. The industry-leading condition monitoring and diagnostics software, System 1, brings all assets and data types across a facility together in a single user interface.

Oil & Gas

Operational Efficiency

Monitoring and protecting your assets is crucial to operational efficiency. Bently Nevada provides diagnostic solutions that support predictive and decision-making capabilities. Our diagnostic tools can be paired with our products to provide predictive asset management and remote monitoring diagnostic capabilities. Our goal is to maximize the reliability and availability of plant assets through greater predictability.

Upstream, Midstream and Downstream
Products and Solutions Throughout the Oil & Gas Value Chain
With over 50 years of global experience in all offshore conditions, Bently Nevada provides proven solutions that optimize production, efficiency & safety for a complete range of semi-submersible platforms & floating production units.
Bently Nevada has been synonymous with machinery protection & condition monitoring for over 50 years in the refining industry. Our advanced, high-quality monitoring solutions optimize plant safety, uptime & efficiency.
We've learned a lot in over 60 years partnering with Petrochemical customers to help them achieve their productivity goals. Our advanced, high-quality monitoring solutions optimize plant safety, uptime & efficiency.
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Your LNG facility operates 24/7. Bently Nevada provides automated & remote monitoring capabilities that avoid the need for manual measurements. Our advanced monitoring solutions improve the reliability of turbines, compressors, motors, & other machinery
Bently Nevada is committed to providing sustainable solutions to help address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Today, operational efficiency, improved throughput & reduced downtime are essential requirements for the fertilizer industry.