Industry Challenges

There is perhaps no more challenging production environment than on an offshore platform, which makes the seamless integration of the people, processes and the production assets needed for your operations even more critical. In spite of the tough conditions that offshore operators work in, your requirements for production goals remain the same as for an onshore facility, reduce your production costs through maximized efficiency, increase your production levels while maintaining utmost safety and of course improving your environmental footprint to meet ever higher standards.

With all these challenges in play, there is no company better equipped to help you achieve your company goals than Bently Nevada†.

An unrivaled history of success in offshore oil and gas operations

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Proven results in Offshore Asset Condition Monitoring and Protection

With over 60 years of global condition monitoring experience, 20+ years of excellence in overspeed detection systems, 240+ international patents issued, over 8 million sensors deployed globally, 1200+ organizations using our best-in-class condition monitoring software, System 1†, worldwide and over 360 international patents pending, your offshore machinery is in good hands when you put Bently Nevada in your production systems.

Why Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of offshore machinery is a given. Bently Nevada's family of condition monitoring systems offer you the greatest level of detail in real-time and predictive insights on all of your machines, ensuring that you are fully aware of the health of every machinery asset in your offshore fleet. With accurate, predictive, actionable data from System 1, you can enjoy the peace of mind that over 1,800 System 1 customers worldwide have come to expect from Bently Nevada.

The Perfect System for Space-Constrained Offshore Platforms - Orbit 60 Series: More Channels and Greater Functionality in a Smaller Footprint

Bently Nevada's newest condition monitoring and protection monitoring system, the Orbit 60 Series, is ideal for monitoring applications where space is at a premium

Orbit 60 Series is Bently Nevada’s next generation of machinery protection and condition monitoring designed to be the most advanced system for all your critical machinery assets, as well as your plant-wide assets, across a wide range of industrial applications.

Orbit 60 Series is built on a fully distributable architecture that allows you to monitor all your assets regardless of complexity or location and is intrinsically cyber secure.

When combined with System 1 condition monitoring and diagnostics software, Orbit 60 Series will provide users the ability to create proactive maintenance and fleet management programs for maximum productivity and cost reduction. 

Solutions for maintaining your offshore machinery

Bently Nevada Sensors

Bently Nevada Sensors

Our founder Don Bently – entrepreneur, engineer and authority on vibration monitoring – built and nurtured the Bently Nevada product line. For over six decades his sensing devices have kept watch over our customers’ mission-critical equipment, beginning with the emergence of eddy current proximity transducers and then evolving our Sensors product line with a wide-ranging portfolio of proximity probes, Proximitors, our efficient eddy current proximity transducers – ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration – and more.

And for those production assets in hazardous or hard to reach areas of the platform, Bently Nevada has our best-of-breed Ranger Pro wireless sensor system that can help you ensure there are no gaps in your asset condition monitoring. When we say we can cover ever asset in your production facility we mean it.

Bently Nevada Monitoring Systems

Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring Systems

For over 60 years, Bently Nevada has been helping oil and gas plant operators protect their machinery assets and optimize production thereby avoiding unplanned downtime and allowing you to keep the pipelines open to your customers. No machinery protection and condition monitoring company offers more deployment choices or a more advanced line of machine monitoring systems than Bently Nevada. That is why Bently Nevada has been the solution partner of choice for oil and gas companies for over 6 decades.

System 1

System 1

Bently Nevada's flagship software platform offers a modern and intuitive interface that enables users to establish, manage and improve their plant-wide condition monitoring programs.

System 1 Evolution is the most advanced condition monitoring software platform on the market and can ensure that you make unplanned downtime a thing of the past. Information from every asset in every process available in an easy to understand HMI and provides advance notice of machine changes to whoever needs it regardless to where they are, offshore or on. 

Service and Support

Asset Management Services and Support

We offer complete lifecycle support coverage from initial design, commissioning and integration with your operating processes, and continue throughout the operational life of your facility with available upgrades, replacements, and retrofits enabling you to get the most out of your investment. Our service offerings are carefully developed to ensure you realize the maximum benefits our solutions have on your operation.

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