Enhanced Insights

System 1 Decision Support

Data-driven insights for your machine condition monitoring and predictive maintanence program through advanced rule-building and data-mapping capabilites.

Decision Support contains a collection of proven Bently Nevada machine condition monitoring analytics engineered to provide a variety of machinery insights. Configured property rules can be adapted to suit the unique operational application of a machine or asset. You can apply Bently Nevada’s InsightPak† Analytics, which have been engineered to automate failure mode detection for a wide variety of machines. 

In addition to packaged algorithms, Decisions Support allows users to create and deploy custom rules that help you capture, disseminate, and leverage knowledge of your equipment, processes, and business solutions. Custom rules preserve operational knowledge in a usable format that can be broadly applied in an easily repeatable and manageable way.

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Decision Support Brings it all together for Enhanced Insights

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Decision Support delivers advanced insights for all of your operational assets

  • Utilize System 1 condition monitoring software data to build rules that detect issues with machinery, process, and auxiliary systems
  • Develop analytic insights using the simple and intuitive rule-building workspace
  • Deploy created rules to multiple assets and quickly modify already deployed rules
  • Efficiently share rules between sites and units, achieving consistent fault detection methodology across a global operation
  • View resulting insights in the System 1 platform, leveraging its notification, visualization, and diagnostic tools
  • Export analytic insights from System 1 to support corporate initiatives
Decision Support HMI with Callouts

System 1 Decision Support lets you dive deeper into your plant-wide data

The Complete Decision Support Process