Portable Vibration Data Collectors & Analyzers

vbX, SCOUT100 & 200

Our extensive portfolio of portable instruments will cover all your vibration and machinery monitoring system needs: data collection, balancing, analysis; non-rated through to Intrinsically Safe; single instrument or powerful modern connectivity.



The SCOUT100 and vbX series are trusted work-horses of the vibration analysis industry. They have established themselves as extremely capable yet easy-to-use instruments, supporting all uses from regular data collection through to complex onsite analysis. The broad range of instruments in this series allows you to meet your needs for features, price and hazardous area ratings.

SCOUT200 represents the new evolution in portable instruments. It de-couples data acquisition and display, freeing you to use the industrial handheld of your choice, providing the best options for screen size, portability, connectivity, flexibility, while maintaining industrial strength and extreme hazardous area ratings.

All of these instruments work seamlessly with Bently Nevada's modern System 1 machine condition monitoring software. Use this to prepare routes, analyze data, detect long-term trends, set and detect alarms. This is the same powerful software that drives the complete range of Bently Nevada monitors. So you'll have one source of the truth, modern and plantwide.

System 1 and Scout

Bently Portables – Did you know?  

Most people know of Bently Nevada for the online condition monitoring and protection of the world’s most critical rotating assets. Fewer know that Bently, together with their 2011 acquisition of Commtest Instruments, have a combined experience exceeding 30 years in portable vibration data collectors and analyzers. And some aren’t aware that Bently’s flagship condition monitoring software, System 1, supports not only our critical machinery protection systems but the full portfolio, including portables.

Over those years we’ve received a lot of feedback from portable users, about how they’d really like their devices & software to behave. Here’s a distillation of those requests, along with how we’ve been addressing them... 

2019 O&G Award vibration analyzers

2019 Oil & Gas Engineering Product of the Year

Silver Award Winner: Portable data collector

Our innovative SCOUT200 series is a smart, intrinsically safe, and highly portable data collector that is fully supported by the System 1 condition monitoring and diagnostic software. The data collector works in tandem with the System 1 Collector app, running on an industrial smartphone or tablet. Users can collect & analyze vibration data, take photos, send text messages, check email, make phone calls, and run other enterprise applications. 

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