A Next Generation Distributed Control System to Save You Time and Money

Nexus OnCore Control System

Nexus Controls OnCore Control System, a distributed control system, is an advanced, fully configurable solution that improves asset visibility, provides built-in troubleshooting and maintenance tools, offers simplified expansion capabilities, and reduces overall installation and training costs for all your distributed turbine control system needs.

Nexus Controls OnCore Control System is an integrated solution for turbo machinery applications across a broad spectrum of different industries. They range from large heavy equipment, such as gas turbines, steam turbines, or hydro turbines, to compressive solutions that are integrated with turbines and provide high-speed anti-surge control. All of these can be managed using the Nexus OnCore Control System.

The Nexus OnCore Control System helps turbine plant operators improve their speed and accuracy in making critical decisions about turbine controls when the plant fails to operate under normal conditions. Nexus OnCore OptimumC HMI software offers an intuitive user interface with advanced tools for quickly troubleshooting and diagnosing issues. This capability optimizes the amount of time necessary to correct the situation without having to rely on the manufacturer.

Nexus OnCore works with Legacy Control Systems

For customers with legacy control systems that need more analytic capabilities, redundancy in controls, and a long-term supported platform, the Nexus OnCore Control System provides a redundant architecture, an easy-to-use interface and simplified trending capabilities.

The Nexus OnCore Control System provides you with the latest software tools including process-oriented function blocks and built-in troubleshooting and maintenance tools. These tools are built into a simplified user interface that is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of operator response times to changes. Combined with our improved life cycle support, this Nexus OnCore Control System will help you improve performance, operability, and availability.

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