Our hydro sensors help to avoid unplanned outages

Hydro Sensors

When you need to know what’s going on with your hydroelectric generator – especially while it’s in operation – Bently Nevada has you covered with our family of proven Hydro Sensors.

We at Bently Nevada pioneered this space over 50 years ago with the launch of our eddy current proximity transducers to which have been added dynamic pressure, generator air gap, and stator end winding vibrations.

Our 4000 series capacitive generator air gap sensor sets the standard for real-time air gap measurement between your generator’s rotor and stator – vital if you want to understand your unit’s behavior under load. Air gap dimensions along with rotor and stator shape cannot be effectively measured with the generator out of service because of the combined effects of centrifugal, thermal, and magnetic forces. In short: you need real time monitoring to get real, usable data.

Our Hydro Sensors record multiple variables – not just one – so that you can obtain a more accurate understanding of your machinery’s vibration issues. And with increased data and understanding comes the ability to more accurately diagnose a problem, and react accordingly avoiding costly downtime, misdiagnoses, and in some cases avoiding costly tear-down inspections that weren’t needed.

Know your hydro turbine’s health!

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Hydro Sensors Product Overview