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As electronics, semiconductors, and batteries become more complex, quality and safety are increasingly critical. But in order to keep up with today’s demands, productivity is critical, too.

With decades of experience in a variety of industries, we provide flexible non-destructive testing and pressure solutions to help you improve your operations with certainty and speed.

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Automation, Controls and Cybersecurity for Electronics and Batteries Manufacturing

By Nexus Controls

Nexus Controls LLC (formerly GE Energy Controls Solutions) has deep expertise in integrating systems, interfacing with machines, and centralizing islands of information unique to our customers’ sites while we help them to protect their data, controls and automated machine assets with defense in depth cyber security solutions. Nexus Controls exists as the collective experience and history of multiple companies whose expertise, knowledge and lineage spans 150 years.

Turbine and Compressor Controls

Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Industrial Cybersecurity

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