Process-pump Impeller

A refinery operator in France experienced an impeller failure in one of its process pumps. A spare pump was used while the OEM spent two weeks diagnosing the problem. When they were unable to provide a new part in the desired time, we were asked to help. 

Original part

The original impeller was casted with an external diameter of 230 mm and a typical manufacturing lead time of 120 days. 

Formyst part

We 3D-scanned the original impeller and reverse-engineered it to create a new 3D-printed replacement. As part of our design process, we performed a 3D hydro analysis to validate that flow performance would meet the customer’s requirements. All post-processing steps, including machining and balancing, full testing, and design validation were completed at our facility in Bari, Italy. The entire process from first scan to final delivery and installation took just six weeks.

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