Aptara™ Subsea Solenoid Body

Solenoid bodies control the flow of high-pressure hydraulic fluid to subsea actuators. There are 30 solenoid bodies used in each of our Aptara™ subsea control pods. In a continual quest to improve efficiency and quality, the subsea engineering team asked the Formyst team to help reduce manufacturing costs and unit weight without diminishing structural robustness. 

Original version 

The original solenoid bodies were designed for casting and CNC machining with 316 stainless steel. The design had one AR bracket and two screws, and each body weighed 385 grams. It took eight weeks to produce.

Formyst version 

We redesigned for additive using high-strength, lower-carbon 316L stainless steel. Our first additive design iteration (middle above) resulted in a fully self-supporting structure with integrated anti-rotational features plus 10% more packing efficiency from staggered screws. Our second iteration (right above) resulted in a 60% weight reduction and 40% lower cost and print time. A key feature is a new lightweight AR bracket that only needs one screw. This lets them nest closer to each other and, on a pod with dozens of solenoid bodies, it translates into manufacturing cost and time savings. The new Formyst™ version is a key enabler for lightweight pods that can be more easily carried and installed by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), greatly simplifying and speeding up subsea field construction. 

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