Contractors from a facility management company required required flow measurements at their chilled water pumps outlet at the Qatar Foundation Education City (Texas A&M University and Carnegie-Mellon University).

The contractor tried several solutions to get a measurement at their pump discharge with the aim of assessing the pumps’ performance and efficiency. They tried clamp-on meters from several reputable clamp-on manufacturers, but could not obtain any readings.

The lines are all glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and with this material, sometimes 
pipe walls may not be fully homogenous. In addition, the piping layout has 
maximum straight runs of 8D, while we typically require 10D upstream and 5D 
downstream. The contractors used another vendor that specialized in clamp-on flow measurement to run these surveys and they unsuccessfully measured in one line with a big offset from the pump curve and nothing on the other lines with less straight runs.

Pipe material:  GRP, diameter: 24” (600mm), thickness: 12 mm (~½ in)

Medium: Chilled water, temperature: 10 to 18°C (50 to 68°F)

Flow rate: 760 l/s (15.85 GPM)

Velocity: 2.6 m/s (8.5 ft/s)



The contractor had previously seen our TransPort PT878 performance in another facility checking the fire water lines, and so they contracted MEBD, our partner in Qatar, to run some tests. MEBD brought their new TransPort PT900 demo unit. Since it was a spot measurement on three lines, they only took the insulation out in a small distance for a single traverse setup. The PT900 read 715 l/s for a theoretical value of 760 l/s, corresponding to 6.5% error, but that was considered a very good result, given the history and previous experience. MEBD tested 10 lines in total, with meaningful results on all. The customer was very happy with the ease of use and performance of the PT900 and purchased one unit.

This is a good example of delivering a valuable customer outcome that contributes positively to our reputation.

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