Challenges and Solution

Customer Main Products:
Ammonia, urea, and urea formaldehyde.

Measuring flow of Rich Solution (HPC absorbed with CO2 gas).

The plant uses DP flowmeter with an Orifice primary element on this application. Customer faced issues with unreliable reading and frequent maintenance due to blockage of the impulse line & regular coating on transmitter diaphragm. Due to frequent maintenance requirement downtime increased leading to lower plant availability.
The plant management wanted the process Engineer to find a reliable solution on this application.

No immediate shut down was possible due to the presence of dissolved gases, inclusive of 3.2% CO2 , the customer was not confident with a non-intrusive solution. In addition, the fluid sound speed was unknown.

To address the customer challenges, we urged the customer to jointly conduct a trial using GE - Transport PT878 flow meter. The GE-Panametrics Legacy portable liquid meter has been successful on many installations which gave customer confidence and allowed us to run this trial.
Using PT878 with single traverse configuration along with the automatic Speed of Sound tracking windows as well as Reynolds correction turned on helped us to successfully provide measurement to customer’s satisfaction.
This positive results impressed the customer about GE’s Clamp on ultrasonic meters ability to measure even under harsh process conditions and customer purchased a fixed ultrasonic clamp on for this application.

Process Conditions:

  • Fluid: 30% K2CO3 solution + ACT1 as activator and V2O5 as corrosion inhibitor. The rich solution has CO2 absorbed in the solution
  • Line size: 20” Sch XS Material: A312 TP 304L, no lining
  • Flow (Nominal): 2,426,840 Kg/h (~1,941 m3/h)
  • Density: 1,250 Kg/m3
  • Viscosity: 0.52 cP
  • Pressure: 29 Kg/cm2
  • Temp: 116°C

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