The customer needed to get an accurate energy efficiency assessment
from the amount of water they use. Currently they can monitor what they
take from the water bores but had no idea where it all goes, hence their
decision to try a portable flowmeter to check the different pipe sizes ranging
from DN15 (1/2”) up to DN600 (24”). The ability to cover such a large range
of pipe diameters using one meter was a critical deciding factor for the

The customer made it clear to us this was a technically competitive
situation, and that there were three other vendors being evaluated. Whilst
price was important, it wouldn’t be a critical factor in the final decision if
the lower-priced product did not measure close enough to their reference


The Customer gave us the chance to demonstrate our Transport PT900 portable ultrasonic flow meter unit and only Panametrics and one other vendor were within 1% tolerance against an existing permanent meter, while others were either not willing to demo or were off by more than 15%.

The ability of our local channel partner – Teltherm – to run a successful demo in a very timely manner (it has taken less than a week from customer request to site demo) was among the key success factors


  • They just loved the idea of having everything on their phone (Teltherm used customer’s phone with the PT900 application loaded to do the demo). This combined with the ease of use and meter performance drove the customer to select our Transport PT900.
  • During the live demonstration, Teltherm went upstairs (~100m) to see the instrumentation decision maker who saw the live readings on his colleague’s phone. It basically sold itself! And on top of Transport PT900, the customer also procured a couple of permanent AT600 clamp on liquid meters.

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