Our Speed|scan HD high-speed CT inspection solution is coming soon: take a sneak peek

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speedscan release
speedscan release

In just a few months our new Speed|scan HD product will set a new industry standard for micro CT inspections.

This exciting new solution will provide:

  • Fully automated high-speed inline CT for production process control and optimization that allows for inspections of up to 100% of production volume.
  • Unique, proprietary technology—including detector, X-ray tube, part manipulation, and artificial intelligence (AI)- based software—delivering short scanning times, enhanced throughput, and reduced takt times.
  • First time integration of proprietary AI-based software for automated defect recognition (ADR) (battery anode overhang analysis) with exceptional detection accuracy.

The Speed|scan HD will deliver significant cost savings due to:

  • Reduced number of rejects and recalls—both internally and externally
  • Lower cost of quality
  • Faster product ramp up
  • Significantly less user interaction than conventional CT technology:
    • 90% to 98% reduction of operator time due to robotics and automated workflow
    • 90% to 98% reduction in expert analysis time with automated defect recognition
    • 5 to 10 times greater throughput compared to manual inspection


Key features and benefits:

  • Robust design for 24/7 operation in an industrial environment on the manufacturing floor
  • High-speed and high-volume inspection capability as a result of advanced microfocus and detector technology
  • Reduced takt time delivered via X-ray security gates for continuous X-ray on
  • Enhanced throughput achieved through fully automated part handling
  • High flexibility due to automated filter changer
  • Parallel reconstruction of data sets and evaluation
  • Automated defect recognition (ADR) for pass/fail decisions
  • Safe remote monitoring and diagnostics (RM&D)
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