Nexus Controls receives recognition for $1.8M USD Inner Mongolia retrofit project in China

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Nexus Controls retrofit project for control systems

The deal

Nexus Controls was awarded the $1.8M USD inner Mongolia retrofit project for control systems at five sites. This win is a representation of collaborative work between Sales and Engineering teams to drive order growth with early engagement and excellent project execution.

The five facilities – Jinshan, Xingfeng, Xilinhot, Baotou, Shangdu – belong to two different customers, IMEIGC and NUPC. Both companies were impressed with our technologies’ short lead time and execution schedule.

The challenges

The main challenges from this series deal consisted on competition’s low-price strategy, as well as the project’s short delivery cycle and very limited outage window for site commissioning.

However, Nexus Controls technology edge and good relationship with the end user were key capabilities to award us this contract. The team has a strong history of availability with a consultant approach, providing technical advices and professional proposals to enhance solutions’ applications.

The solution

To ensure our deliverables meet the limited outage window, the Engineering team takes numerous mitigation measures, such as conducting a complete FAT. This give us the opportunity to verify logic coding and graphics in advance, thus saving commissioning time on site.

In addition, hardware assemblies are shipped on a subsystem basis. While the system is designed by Engineering team and assembled by Supply Chain, there are ongoing installations for individual subsystem on the same site.

The above measures ensured that three facilities were successfully completed during the first half of the year and the other two will be delivered during the second part. The End Users are impressed by the good quality and precise schedule control we provide. The projects are 100% on-time according to schedule and have total cost saving of $27K USD.

This solidified Nexus Controls good reputation and can influence other End User on future projects.

The significance

From Nexus Controls internal collaboration and excellent execution, the local team was awarded recognition letters. This represents a great benchmark opportunity for future projects.