System 1 Condition Monitoring Platform

Plant-Wide Insights with Clarity and Context

As your workforce experience and business challenges change, you need solutions to gain new knowledge and leverage your existing expertise across  your entire fleet of assets.

System 1 streamlines your decision-making process by bringing your machine data into a single platform, a key requirement to any digital transformation.

System 1 enables greater efficiency, production increases, and cost reduction across all your plant assets in a condition monitoring platform that is intuitive for users to work with while also harnessing the power of Bently Nevada's decades of machinery research and advanced diagnostics capability.

Via its comprehensive collection of Apps, System 1 provides the key pillars of a digital transformation: connectivity, analytics, and visualization.

Connectivity. Connect to your process and machine health data.

Analytics. Gain insights into the health and condition of your assets.

Visualization. Quickly get a Plant-Wide view of your machinery for fast diagnosis and correction.

System 1 connectivity, analytics, and visualizations come together to deliver insights into your opportunities to improve your operations and maintenance.

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Plant-wide Monitoring
So you stay focused on what matters
Fleet Management
System 1 Enterprise Impact provides a secure and unified fleet view of machines in an easy to access web-based portal, synthesizing your events and increasing visibility for better decision making.
Turbomachinery Monitoring
System 1 merges Bently Nevada’s best-in-class toolset for evaluating turbomachinery health with an enhanced user experience, enabling you to make optimal production and maintenance decisions for your most critical assets.
Recip Compressor Monitoring
System 1’s reciprocating compressor solution builds on a strong legacy of over 40 years, while integrating fresh diagnostic tools for enhanced machinery insights.
General Machine Monitoring
System 1 combines data from Bently Nevada’s suite of Condition Monitoring Devices (Ranger Pro, SCOUT) with a deep set of spectral analysis tools, allowing you to monitor the health of all your rotating assets within a single platform.
Diagnostic HMI
System 1 combines vibration, process, and control system data with a rich set of HMI visualization and diagnostic tools, enabling you to monitor the health of your entire plant in a single platform.
Performance Monitoring
System 1 visually compares actual and expected machine behavior for early detection of degradation and allows easy correlation between efficiency and vibration data for increased insight into your industrial process.
Emissions Monitoring
System 1’s Predictive Emissions Monitoring application allows you to efficiently gather emissions data for internal and regulatory reporting, while monetizing the benefits at a much-reduced cost to a typical CEMS approach.
Complex Gear Monitoring
System 1’s built-in gearbox model allows you to build a digital twin of your complex production asset, providing earlier insights into gear health to maximize plant production and reduce maintenance costs.
Fixed Equipment Monitoring
System 1 enables you to combine heat exchanger, static, and auxiliary data sources with your rotating assets, providing a complete Plant-Wide view of your facility health.
Case Management
System 1 enables you to track criticality, fault condition, and issue priority for all monitored assets, allowing for easy sharing of asset health insights with key stakeholders.

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