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ADRE - Data Acquisition & Machine Diagnostics System

The field-proven ADREMachine Data Acquisition System handles a broad range of data acquisition tasks, enabling users to spend minimal time reducing machinery data and more time interpreting it.

This rugged multi-channel machine DAQ combines fast processing power with ease-of-use for professional machinery diagnosticians. Viewing options in the data logging system include automatic waveform selection for plots, multiple cursors for all plot types, and a static/couple vector option on polar plots for balancing.

The Single Board Computer offers faster boot speed, lower power requirements, SAS disk drive technology, and a reinforced mounting case for better shock resistance. This highly portable monitoring system is as useful for machine asset condition monitoring and assessment tasks on the test stand as well as in the field in real-time.

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ADRE Product Overview

Remote training

ADRE 408 DSPi/Sxp Training Course

This hands-on course teaches the skills necessary to ensure the highest quality of data acquisition and presentation using the ADRE diagnostic system. The course begins with the basics in system configuration and continues through advanced database manipulation tools. The skills you learn help you get the most value from ADRE Sxp software and the 408 DSPi.  


  • Configure ADRE system to collect machinery data.
  • Acquire data effectively for real-time analysis. Display vibration and other data types using various plot types for machine condition analysis.
  • Edit, document, and store databases for future use.

With more than 40 years of technical training experience, we have pioneered the art of long-term skill development. Bently Nevada product training is conducted by our core group of instructors and experienced field engineers to provide a world-class training experience.