System 1's Performance and Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS)

System 1's Performance and Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS), as part of your overall condition monitoring platform, help monitor asset performance and enable performance diagnostics for better maintenance strategies.

Bently Performance and Predictive Emissions Monitoring modules when added to your System 1 installation provide insights into:

  • Equipment efficiency changes over time and likely causes 
  • Overall production efficiencies and the potential impact on revenues 
  • Maintenance scheduling 
  • Lowering costs for regulatory compliance 
Bently Performance

System 1's Bently Performance Module

The Bently Performance software module extends functionality of System 1 to include online monitoring of thermodynamic performance. The module fully integrates with the System 1 database and display modules to give users access to comprehensive mechanical and thermodynamic machine-condition information.

Bently Performance executes calculations based on ASME PTC codes, producing key performance indicators:

Actual performance: Actual output for current ambient and operating conditions. This information also indicates the effect of deviation of machine operation from design condition.

Expected performance: Expected output as per OEM curves at design conditions. These values can be compared with actual performance if the machine is operating at the design condition specified by the OEM.

Corrected actual performance: Actual output transposed to standard day conditions (ISO or site-specific rating). When trended, they depict the relative degradation with respect to time.

Corrected expected performance: Expected output transposed to actual operating conditions. These values can indicate conditions like surge or stall.

Refinery Stacks

System 1's Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS)

The System 1* Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) offered as part of Bently Nevada’s product suite is specifically designed for Gas Turbines. It can predict with high accuracy the level of emissions generated by gas turbines based on ambient conditions, fuel composition and machine operating conditions while considering real- time degradations. This unique solution leverages an internal aeroderivative gas turbine emissions model developed from fundamental physics and real data
collected over many years during testing of these gas turbines.


  • High Data Accuracy and Affordability
  • Lower Cost of Ownership Compared to other Offerings
  • Helps Ensure Safety for both Personnel and the Environment
  • Keeps you Regulatory Compliant
Gas Turbine

Supporting Services

Bently Nevada can provide additional supporting services to ensure the System 1, Bently PERFORMANCE, and the PEMS solution meets your needs. In addition, we can provide a long-term supporting services agreement to ensure our customers derive the most value out of their systems.

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