We are excited to showcase a selection of webinars featuring our plant-wide condition monitoring products and solutions. We hope you find these webinars interesting, and contribute questions, debate, and reaction to the issues posed in each of the LinkedIn discussion threads.

Please join us to learn, share and experience the latest asset performance management technology developments.


Upcoming Webinars

Bently HOST | An Outcome Based Asset Health Management Program

Bently HOST enables you to connect all your production assets’ condition monitoring edge devices to our renowned System 1. Hosted and monitored by our domain experts, you can get real-time asset health insights to support decision making and O&M planning. With an all-in-one monthly subscription fee, customers can still take advantage of all the System 1 capabilities, data and Bently Nevada expertise to mitigate maintenance blind spots and exposure to financial, personnel, and environmental risks.

Condition Monitoring solutions for desalination, water & wastewater industry

In this webinar we will discuss the prevalent technologies for desalination, crucial assets, their applications, and how optimized condition monitoring solutions can play an important role in the asset management infrastructure. We will also cover how Bently Nevada solutions can enable the digitalization and centralization of Asset Management meeting the unique challenges of this industry moving forward.

On Demand Webinars

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