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Ultrasonic Immersion Testing Systems

Measure even the smallest components with the most reliable results. Our modular Krautkrämer immersion tank inspection systems provide the optimum balance of flexibility, performance, and cost for any small component inspection across aviationmetal manufacturing and automotive industries. Available in three standard tank sizes, with a variety of optional components, Krautkrämer Lab Tanks are ready to meet your immediate and future needs.

With a Krautkrämer Lab Tank, industrial tank inspections are simpler and smarter than ever before. These adaptable ultrasonic immersion tanks deliver the highest quality diagnostics for more accurate readings and more proactive decisions—solving inspection needs across a range of industries. Our tanks give users flexibility and control over their processes today, with the ability to adapt tomorrow if those needs change.

Krautkrämer Lab Tanks are customizable with many available accessories and unique software platforms for a wide range of scanning needs. Experience higher quality diagnostics, easier operation, and better decisions with Krautkrämer Lab Tanks.

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