Rely on faster, more precise NDT inspections for even the smallest components

X-ray Electronics

Microscopic electrical components are the hidden heroes in millions of different devices across a wide spectrum of industries. Though small, these components play an important role in the healthy functionality of everything from airplanes to smartphones. Ensuring the integrity of electrical components via industrial x-ray electronics inspection is vitally important not only for maintaining brand reputation – but also for public reliability and safety. 

Waygate Technologies family of high-performance industrial x-ray inspection machines and intuitive software tools introduce a new industry standard for efficient, reliable and non-destructive testing (NDT) live inspections. Extreme high positioning accuracy make our systems the effective and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D offline inspection tasks: R&D, failure analysis, process and quality control. 

As safety standards become more stringent while assembly complexity increases, precise X-ray inspections of microscopic electrical components during manufacturing and assembly in products like cables, switches, and circuit boards are more important than ever. 

Industrial X-Ray is ideal for: 
→ Electronics inspection
→ Solder inspection
→ Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) inspection
→ Printed Circuit Board (PCB) inspection
→ Battery inspection
→ Ball Grid Array (BGA) inspection
→ Through hold (THT) inspection

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